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Our Team

We attract great people to work for us, and we value our team members’ talent. We take technology innovation as our top priority and learn new skills. Keeping up with the latest technology and automation while hiring and training the best IT staff can be problematic and expensive; we streamline our clients' technology workloads, which allows them to focus on efficiencies.

USA Leadership

  • Akim Olu (President and Tech lead)
    • Akim is the visionary, the business expert and technology expert of the company; he brings more than 16 years of experience working in Information Technology. 
    • More than 16 years in IT field, working for large corporations and small, mid-sized business.
    • Providing professional IT Solution, a problem solver and deliver proficient skills by simplifying and automating IT infrastructure, software and cloud solution.
    • He loves taking big challenges and helping people and businesses solve their complicated projects.
    • In his free time, he also likes teaching people computer skills that range from mastering Linux operating system to coding.
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  • Stewart Daniels (Executive IT Engineer)
    • He brings more than 30 years of work experiences in related IT fields.
    • Business Analyst , System Engineer System Administrator Senior IT Engineer
       Providing the solutions that businesses needs
    • Very energetic and problem solver, go beyond and above to have an exceptional customer's satisfaction. 
  • Esmond Thomas (Lead IS Core Infrastructure Engineering)
    • Esmond is highly motivated individual with over 17 years experience in the field of Information Technology specializing in networking technologies.
    • He possesses the ability to assess and isolate potential network vulnerabilities within small to enterprise size network infrastructures to ensure productivity.
    • His analytical skills and no quit attitude has afforded him success with providing services to several fortune 500 companies.
  • Akil Andrews (Development Lead)
    • Manage development and deployment of custom cost-effective "Have It Your Way" software applications and services.
    • With 15+ years demonstrated abilities in requirements analysis, process/work flow modeling, design, testing with 15+ years. demonstrated abilities in requirements analysis, process/work flow modeling, design, testing, systems integration and development for a wide variety of applications and systems.
  • Iman Haneef (Business Administration and Finance Lead)
    • With more than 10 years working for a small and large corporation.
    • A financial professional serving public, private, and non-profit entities for the past fourteen years, delivering solid work as an intuitive quick study that thrives on problem solving, investigative work and streamlining policies and procedures. 


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