2019-04-23, 03:00
The customer service is very good and the support team are quick to resolving any issue. they should send more mails of the accouts and discounts or any programme they are offering to all their clients.
Joel Y.
2019-04-23, 02:54
I was referred and giving the assurance that it’s a good I.T company.
Think safety advanced technology limited
Yemi A
2019-04-23, 02:50
They listen to feedeback and Implement it.
Netot Technologies Ltd
2019-04-23, 02:46
I actually enjoy your services - so be sure that I'm doing Word of Mouth as the opportunity presents itself

2019-04-23, 02:46
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2019-04-23, 02:45
AkolagTech is our technology partners in IT solution and delivery, great work ethic and smart engineer, I have total confident in the team and can go beyond call of duties to get the job done, Great work
David D
2019-04-23, 02:44
Thank you for your response. I would use your advise and provide a feedback.
I must confess I have been very impressed by the technical capabilities of Akolag these two weeks. Now, married with your Customer Care culture first with Kufre's frequent calls and your own reply, I've got to put you in the news.
Kudos! "
Adebowalepro Academy
2019-04-23, 02:43
"Thanks for the prompt response.
Am glad a hosting company is Nigeria is making effort to compete globally.
I must commend the effort put in place to make AkolagTech a known name in the hosting space, as a web developer and trainer I love the cPanel a lot.
I have written a post about your service and also signed up as an affiliate.
I will also share with my mentees.
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2018-03-02, 11:04
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2018-02-11, 10:55
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2018-02-10, 11:45
Thanks for the PC replacement, I love the fact that AkolagTech took care of the broken PC with prompt delivery and support
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2018-01-10, 23:04
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Definitely will refer AkolagTech to my clients and others
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2017-05-20, 12:42
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2013-04-21, 11:55
By the way, thank you very much for a job well done. Great work on the server setup and migration. Thanks for the guarantee help if needed