5 main reasons why IT is too complicated and confusing for small and midsize businesses

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Small and midsize businesses regularly face IT challenges that seem to undermine their ability to increase their productivity and scalability.

These are the five main reasons why IT is too tedious and confusing for SMBs:

The requirement for special IT skills

You need to have a unique set of IT skills to perform specific tasks. The skills can be learned from many other skills but require practice and real-life experience. I believe that it will take up to ten years of practice to become a technical expert. Likewise, most SMBs struggle to get experienced IT staff members who have mastered the necessary skills.

No time for a non-IT staff member to pick up the new skills

Sometimes, in a small business, a non-IT employee is assigned to perform a technical assignment. Because the skills and experience in small businesses are limited, most of these companies resort to the limited available resources.

Constant system and software upgrades

System and software upgrades should be a top priority for SMBs. Most of the time, however, these are deprioritized due to a lack of skills or staff. Systems that are not up-to-date with the latest security patches are vulnerable to malicious attacks, which can compromise important information. Virus and malware are easy targets for unpatched systems and can be detrimental to companies’ finances.

Expensive to hire the best IT engineer

Hiring an experienced IT staff member can be costly for businesses that are operating on limited resources. Large corporations usually have the resources to hire a qualified IT staff. Meanwhile, a non-experienced IT engineer is cheap yet needs years and training to master the necessary skills.

My business is not in IT business

Most SMBs are not IT businesses, and I do not expect them to spend time on developing a top-notch IT department. I believe small and mid-sized companies that cannot afford to invest in IT staff members should not waste time and money trying to develop a complicated tech team. Instead, it is critical to stay on top of technology to promote rapid growth. The IT business can, therefore, be outsourced and managed by an IT service provider that can deliver top-quality work.