Software as a Service (SAAS) Products


We offer a range of high-quality solutions and products to meet your business needs.

Our SAAS (Software as a Service) solutions include Cloud Hosting, ERP, Web and App Development, and more. Explore our products like AKTBMT for business management, Billcrop.com for online management solutions, and Nearestly.com for local business listings. We also provide free tools for your everyday online activities. Visit our website to learn more about our offerings and how they can benefit your business.

AkolagTech Solutions and Products – SAAS

 Our Solutions

  1. Cloud Hosting Solution
  2. Software As A Service Solution
  3. App/Web Development Solution
  4. ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning Software Solution)

Our Products

  1. Web and email hosting
  2. AKTBMT (AKT – Business management tools)
    1. Billcrop.com – Online business management solutions, get your free account
    2. Sharingpit.com – Online file sharing – sharing more than 20MB file, sign up for free
    3. Clickinsite.net – Campaign conversation rate, social notification tool, free to start
    4. Nearestly.com – Online business local listing, sign up for free listing
  3. AKTFLMS (AKT – Freelance platform, the online learning management system)
    1. Skillermatic.com – Online learning management system
    2. A2lance.com – freelance website for Africa

Our Free Tools

  1. Simple every day free tools – This web tools script provides free internet tools for daily online activities. 100% free