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AkolagTech (/HacholagTech/) is a premier enterprise IT solution provider that provides SAAS – software as a service solutioncloud solutions, and hosting solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. We streamline and automate complex IT services for companies. We have offices in the USA, New Jersey (Garden State), and African branches. We have more than 15 years of experience in the tech field, and we offer our customers the best customer service and tech support. In addition, our clients have access to dedicated expertise to handle their requests.


Our story began years ago. Early in their careers, ambitious IT engineers earned the esteem of the local community by servicing and building computers, website development, and training others in multiple computer languages pro bono (for the public good). We witnessed the positive impact of saving families from high PC repair fees and seeing breadwinners advance in their careers; our desire grew to have a more significant effect.
Our passion is to chase cutting-edge technology, help people and businesses and see them thriving. We serve small and medium-sized enterprises. We discovered that many companies need help to streamline their operational processes. Technology is constantly changing at lightning speed. Yet, implementing new, efficient, and effective systems are often delayed or entirely avoided due to personnel training requirements and implementation costs.
Therefore, many companies opt to continue using legacy software and hardware, minimizing their competitive advantage. We help companies simplify their IT operations, increase efficiencies, prevent vendors’ locking contracts, and reduce IT service costs.

AkolagTech supports and sponsors different communities at various levels of development; please click the link below to learn more about it.