Cloud computing solution is the method of using a network of remote computers and the internet to access information online.
Cloud computing makes computing resources easily accessible and affordable, and the best part, its either free or pay peruse.

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The current aspects of business stability, agility, and high productivity change the way many small, mid-sized companies operate their business, including large companies. Most executives want their staff to do more for less and urgency to simplify problematical business, and IT processes at a modest price. Most companies are transforming their business operations to the latest technology, and adopting cloud solutions is undeniable.

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Our managed hosting, and cloud computing solutions:

We make your business runs efficiently with peace of mind; we host and manage your IT infrastructure either on premise or off premise (in the cloud). 

Let AkolagTech handle your computing and hosting solutions, transition into the cloud and focus on what makes your business great. 
We provide a hosting solution for web, email, cloud server (Virtual private server – VPS), storage, network, security and more.


  • Assessments
  • Critical Applications Migrations
  • Technical Support for (IAAS, PAAS )
  • Testing after the migration complete


  • AkolagTech Private Cloud
  • AWS – Amazon Web Services
  • Azure – Microsoft Cloud
  • Digital Ocean 


  • Project-Based Support
  • Professional Services
Tech Support
  • Support for (IAAS, PAAS )


  • Dedicated Professional Services
Tech Support
  • Monthly or Yearly Contract
  • Support for (IAAS, PAAS )



Cloud Adoption And Migration Solutions
We provide cloud assessments on the best method of how to migrate to the cloud. We will evaluate your current infrastructure and application on-premise and offer the best-customized solutions for cloud migration.
We will provide the best practice for choosing the right cloud computing resources according to the client’s need.
We make your business runs efficiently with peace of mind; we host and manage your IT infrastructure, either on-premise or off-premise (in the cloud).

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions
We offer the best cloud computing resources that cater to business needs. We provide a dedicated private cloud solution, virtual private server(VPS), dedicated private storage, firewall, and dedicated IP.
We work with significant public cloud vendors such as AWS, AZURE, Google Cloud, and Digital ocean. This allows us to provide a better solution and prevent vendor lockdown.

Cloud Optimisation Services
We provide the best recommendation for optimizing your cloud infrastructure to improve performance.
We provide the most suitable practices and cost savings on improving the performance of your application that runs in the cloud ability to scale up and down their cloud computing resources.

Cloud Security Solutions
We take our client security very seriously and adopt the best security policy measure to protect our client’s data. This includes firewall protection, security policy on cloud resources, access protection on cloud infrastructure, and proactive infrastructure monitoring.
Also, include the antivirus, malware scan, and security patches.

Business Continuity Solutions
We provide high availability, data backup, and data protection and data recovery. We also offer security protection against ransomware, virus, malware, and other security threat.
We help your company avoid service disruption, loss of data, downtime, and loss of revenue.
The solutions include:
High availability for redundancy or failover of the critical application
Backup and recovery of cloud storage
Security protection on sensitive data in the cloud
Disaster recovery plan

AkolagTech Cloud Solutions For Businesses, SMB, SME and Enterprise

  • The leader in the cloud hosting platform, we provide the best hosting solutions for developers, SME/SMB and big companies
  • Complete solutions for the cloud(server, storage, database and more)
  • Access to the best cloud hosting platform
  • Scalability (sale up based on workloads)
  • Pay per usage
  • Plan based subscription either one time, yearly, monthly 
  • Linux and Windows operating system
  • We support many application, and programing language such as PHP, Python, Ruby, .NET, Database(MySQL, MSQL, PostgreSQL) and more
  • Customized application 
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Securely backup files to the cloud storage. Secure location
  • Scalable storage
  • Sync, backup, restore the media’s file, sharing and more features
  • Single sign-on client’s portal, cPanel, system’s login Access

Why choose us?

  • We concentrate on modern technology and invest in the most significant technology, which empowers us to serve our clients by simplifying and automating their business process.
  • Single sign-on client’s portal to manage for all our products and services
  • Peace of mind with security and expertise
  • Let the experts handle the complex problems
  • Scalability
  • Expand your workloads as your business grows
    • Security protection:
    • Website protection (virus and spam)
    • Infrastructure protection
    • Application
  • Customized solutions cater to your need
  • Automated provisioning, configuration, deployment
  • Protective advance monitoring capability, automated checks, and fix.
  • Reduce your IT costs and save time
  • Adoption of the latest technology
  • Worry free of monitoring, system maintenance, upgrades, OS patching, and troubleshooting
  • High availability and uptime
  • Increase productivity and fast response to customers
  • Access to dedicated customer care and IT staffs
  • Interact directly with specialized customer care and tech support teams
    • Our experienced crews are available all the time to help you  

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