AkolagTech – data center locations and security information:

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  • We leverage data centers’ infrastructure across multiple regions, and this allows us to stay close to our customers. We leverage some of the biggest data center facilities in the world, cloud computing providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and more
  • Cloud infrastructure
    • Data center locations:
      • USA
      • Europe
      • Asia
      • Africa
  • Colocation infrastructure
    • Colocation is based on demand, and we have leveraged colocation partners across the world
      • USA – North America
      • Africa – Lagos Nigeria
  • Security
    • Our data center security standards and compliances adhere to our data center providers, cloud infrastructure providers such as Amazon web services, Google cloud, and more
    • We adhere to international compliances standards such as PHI, HIPAA, FERPA, DoD SRG, PCI, CSA, ISO 27017, ISO 27018
    • We follow the security standards for data protection, health information protection, spamming protection 
    • Data encryption on sensitive data and storage
    • We leverage firewall protection for inbound and outbound network
    • Our hosting infrastructure has one of the best protection against unauthorized access and security protection
    • We proactively monitor our network and infrastructure  

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