Managed Hosting Solutions Information For Small And Medium Size Businesses

Hosting solution platform for SME/SMB, developers (web developers, software engineer, application developers), digital marketers, and more

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AkolagTech is the leader in managed hosting solution provider and expert in providing a customized hosting solution specific to business’s needs in the USA and Africa. We have more than ten years of experience in hosting service delivery. We deliver the best technical assistance to our clients, and we provide dedicated resources to our customers.

We concentrate on modern technology, and we invest in the most significant technology, which empowers us to serve our clients by simplifying and automating their business processes.

Small and medium-sized businesses, Web Developers, Digital Marketers, Engineers love our hosting platform. We develop our hosting solution platform to support SME/SMB, developers, digital marketers. Please read more about Cloud And Hosting Solutions for SME/SMBhosting for developers click here. For digital marketers click here for more info

We make your business runs efficiently with peace of mind; we organize and manage your IT infrastructure either on-premise or off-premise. Let AkolagTech handle your hosting, so you can focus on what makes your business great.
We provide a hosting solution for web, email, cloud server (Virtual private server – VPS), storage, network, security, and more.

What is unique about our hosting solution platform?

  • Akolagtech hosting platform was engineered based on necessity. We need a robust platform to develop our web application, website, and hosted software
  • We need technology that can scale as we grow, secure and fast
  • We end up building the hosting platform ourselves that addressed our needs, in that aspect we decided to provide the same platform to other businesses
  • Build for software development, web development, DevOps.
  • Build your software, web application, a website with peace of mind
  • We want our client to focus on building useful quality codes
  • We provide computing resources, support for small to big businesses 
  • Access to our highly skilled engineers who understand the technology, coding, and operations.
  • Best web hosting provider in the USA, Nigeria for small and medium-sized businesses
  • We make IT simple for developers

AkolagTech –  data center’s security information page below:

Please visit the following page for detailed information about Data Center Info

  • Managed Hosting Solution Overview
    • Access to AkolagTech infrastructure resources
      • Computing resources such as systems( CPU, memory, disks, and more)
      • Scalability – growth has the business expand
      • Automation, upgrades, and maintenance
      • Access to top IT staffs available to serve our clients
      • Security protection
      • Proactive monitoring
    • Automate setup, the configuration of the hosting resources
    • Access to hosting solutions such as:
      • Systems, databases
      • Storage
      • Web hosting solutions for simple and complex websites
      • Applications
      • Email, DNS
      • And others
    • Dedicated solution customizable only to the client need
    • Single sign-on client’s portal to manage all your services, products
  • AkolagTech Managed Hosting Solution
  • hosting all 1
    • IAAS (Infrastructure as a service) – Build customized infrastructure via automation 
      • Systems, storage, and data management
    • PAAS (Platform as a service) – Leverage ready-made platform (All the computing, storage, networking, dependencies resources)
    • SAAS (Software as a service) – Host your software/applications, games, and more
    • Monitoring, security, networking, and Others 
  • What are the benefits of AkolagTech’s Managed hosting
  • benefits
  • Single sign-on client’s portal to manage all our products and services
  • Access to dedicated tech support staffs
    • Peace of mind with security and tech support expertise, we always have tech staff available
    • Let the experts handle the complex problems
    • We provide specialized tech staff to manage the client’s request
  • Scalability
    • Expand your workloads as your business grows
  • Security protection:
    • Website protection (virus and spam)
    • Infrastructure protection 
    • Application
  • Customized solutions cater to your need
  • Automated provisioning, configuration, deployment
  • Advance proactive monitoring capability, automatic checks, and fix.
  • Reduce your IT costs and save time
  • Adoption of the latest technology
  • Worry-free of monitoring, system maintenance, upgrades, OS patching, and troubleshooting
  • High availability and uptime
    • Increase productivity and fast response to customers

AkolagTech –  data center locations and security information page below:

Please visit the following page for detailed information about Data Center Info

Notes: A colocation (colo) is a data center facility in which a business can rent space for servers and other computing hardware. Typically, a colo provides the building, cooling, power, bandwidth, and physical security while the customer provides servers and storage 

Cloud hosting is the most innovative Cloud computing technology that allows an unlimited number of machines to act as one system. Other hosting solutions (shared or dedicated) depend on one computer only.

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