Top WordPress Malware Scanning Solutions: Find the Best Tools for Your Website Security

As a website owner, keeping your website secure and free from malware is of the utmost importance. Malware can cause irreparable damage to your website, compromise sensitive information, and harm your online reputation. To avoid these issues, it is crucial that you regularly scan your website for malware. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best tools for WordPress malware scanning and explain how to use iThemes Security to scan your WordPress site for malware.

Using a security plugin is the quickest and most convenient way to scan your WordPress website for viruses. Here are some tools that you should utilize to perform a scan.

1) iThemes Security

iThemes Security is a popular WordPress security plugin that provides a range of security features, including malware scanning. It is a user-friendly tool that makes it easy for website owners to identify and remove any malicious code from their website. iThemes Security provides a full site scan, as well as the ability to scan specific files and folders. This makes it a versatile tool for website owners who want to ensure their website is malware-free.

The Better WP Security plugin, which was originally known by that name, contains more than 30 security features that help protect your website from various assaults. Run fundamental malware checks and look for any difficulties with the free edition of iThemes. However, the Pro edition allows you to schedule virus detection and receive updates. Due to this, maintaining your site’s security checks is really simple.

2) WordFence

WordFence is another popular WordPress security plugin that provides malware scanning capabilities. It uses an advanced scanning algorithm to detect and remove any malicious code from your website. The plugin provides real-time scanning, which means that it will alert you as soon as any malware is detected on your website. This is an important feature, as it allows you to take immediate action to remove the malware and prevent any further damage.

WordFence is among the simplest plugins to employ when looking for malware.

After you install the plugin, it will automatically check for malware on a regular basis. If you think your website might have a security concern, you can also perform manual scans.

3) Sucuri

Sucuri is a website security company that provides a range of security services, including malware scanning. Their malware scanner is designed to identify and remove any malicious code from your website, ensuring that your site remains secure. Sucuri provides a comprehensive scan of your website, including your website files, database, and server. This makes it an ideal tool for website owners who want a thorough and complete scan of their website. 

It is another outstanding tool that provides basic malware scanning capabilities.

Homepage for the Sucuri security plugin on WordPress.

By entering your site’s URL, Sucuri SiteCheck will swiftly and easily examine it for problems. Additionally, you can use the scanning function by adding the plugin to your WordPress website.

The free Sucuri plugin also provides firewall protection and email notifications about security vulnerabilities, which can help stop unwanted activity on your website. It is a well regarded plugin that has been expertly constructed, and the commercial plans in particular give WordPress users complete malware protection.

How to Use iThemes to Scan WordPress for Malware

Step 1: Install iThemes Security

The first step in using iThemes Security to scan your WordPress site for malware is to install the plugin. You can do this by logging into your WordPress dashboard and navigating to the “Plugins” section. From there, click on “Add New” and search for “iThemes Security.” Once you have found the plugin, click “Install Now” and then “Activate.”

Step 2: Configure iThemes Security

Once you have installed iThemes Security, you need to configure it to scan your website for malware. To do this, navigate to the “Security” section of your WordPress dashboard and click on “Malware Scan.” From there, you can select the type of scan you would like to run. You can choose to run a full site scan, a scan of specific files or folders, or a scan of your website’s database.

Step 3: Run the Scan

Once you have selected the type of scan you would like to run, click the “Scan Now” button. iThemes Security will then scan your website and identify any malicious code that is present. The scan may take several minutes to complete, depending on the size of your website.

Step 4: Remove the Malware

If iThemes Security identifies any malicious code on your website, it will provide you with a report of the infected files. You can then remove the malware by following the instructions provided by iThemes Security. It is important to remove the malware as soon as possible, as this will help prevent any further damage to your website.

How to Use Sucuri to Scan WordPress for Malware

Step 1: Enter the WordPress dashboard.

Step 2: In the navigation menu, select the Security link.

Step 3:  At that point, you will be on the iThemes Security page. Click the Scan Homepage for Malware button after scrolling down to the Malware Scan section. In my experiments, the button was located on the right edge, halfway down the page.

Step 4:The results of the scan for your website will then appear in the “Malware Scan” section. To get additional details about your scan findings, click the “Show Details” link.

Step 5 : By selecting Security from the navigation menu, followed by Logs, you can also access the logs from previously executed malware scans. To view the logs for a malware scan, click the Details link next to it.

In conclusion, keeping your WordPress website free from malware is crucial to maintain the security and integrity of your site. By using a tool such as

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