why choose us

Why select us and what makes us unique?

  • We provide one simple solution for our clients which is SIMPLIFICATION AND AUTOMATION
  • We have more than 10 years of experiences working with large corporations, small and mid-sized business
    • We work with small and medium-sized businesses of different sizes
    • The large enterprises we have worked for are Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, NYTimes, IEEE
  • We leverage cutting edge technology and open source
  • Using variety of technology offers better solutions, prevents vendors’ locking contracts and reduces IT service costs
  • We focus on these key challenges that most SMB (small and medium business) faces:
    • Simplify and automate complex IT workloads
      • Will streamline manual process, complicated task and automate
    • Managed and unmanaged IT solutions
    • High availability and uptime
    • Security
    • Cost effective solutions, open source technologies
    • Scalability, business continuity
    • Virtualization, cloud solution that works and scalable

What are the benefits?

  • We make transition into virtualization and cloud, automation, managed hosting, data management seamlessly
  • Get up to 30 minutes of free consultation and save up to 50 percent and more in IT spending
  • We provide solutions that are equivalent to having a full time IT staffs  
  • By implementing the latest technology and innovation, you give your business a competitive advantage for potential growth and prosperity
  • Test drive our solution with proof of concept
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