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AkolagTech is AWS partner, and we have more than 10 years of experience working with Amazon web services(AWS) platform.
We have expertise in AWS resources such as EC2 (Amazon cloud computing), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Lightsail (VPS), Amazon Route 53 (DNS) Database (RDS), Docker container (ECS), Elastic file sharing (EFS) and more.
AWS is the leader in cloud computing and the best cloud platform.
The popular services from AWS are EC2 (Elastic cloud computing) and S3 (Simple storage service) offering server, database, storage, memory, and network storage services. The distinct advantages that AWS offers are flexibility and low costs. A customer can scale up and down based on the demand.
Besides, we leverage AWS computing resources for our hosting platform and others; this allows us to provide high-quality services for our clients. Moreover, we adopt DevOps culture and continue utilizing the new technology for in house and client
If you are looking for a cloud computing solution, our team is available to provide the best-customized solution tailored to your need.

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