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Akim’s Profile

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Akim is the president and founder of AkolagTech. He launched the business to help small to medium-sized and large enterprise companies simplify complex IT processes, increase performances. He advises, helps companies transition to the cloud seamlessly save money and return on investment. 

Akim’s discovered he had a passion for electronics at an early age and the desire for solving a technical problem. His one word is  “make IT simple.”

His loves sports(favorite sports are Basketball and soccer)

Experiences and projects:

  • Early in his career, he started as a computer and Unix operator, programming, and web application development Engineer and worked his way to systems administrator supporting Linux, Unix, and Windows operating systems, application management.
  • He later developed his skills to become a Senior Linux system engineer, Cloud Engineer, DevOps(application development and operation) working on big projects for USA fortune 500 companies saving thousands to millions of dollars in operating costs.
  • Also, he quickly adopts cloud and automation during his career to help businesses simplify and transition to the cloud seamlessly.
  • Developing automation tools, software development improvement.
  • Work on projects to automate and improve the deployment process of enterprise web application and software development.
  • Implement cloud computing solutions to shift into the cloud seamlessly to improve efficiency, productivity and reduce operating cost.
    • Leverage clouds computing platforms such as AWS, Microsoft, Google, and others cloud platform
  • He had worked for companies such as Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, NYTimes, IEEE and helped many small and medium-sized businesses. 
  • He leads small to big projects.

Organization Groups

  • AWS(Amazon Web Services) Nigeria User Group
    • Akim is the organizer of the meetup group”AWS Nigeria User Group”, the biggest AWS group in Africa with over 2000 members. A meetup group to create a community of all those interested in Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Nigeria. Click here to learn more
  • Build a remarkable brand and technology for your business
    • Akim is the founder and organizer of the meetup group “Build a remarkable brand and technology for your business”, the group focus on how to build a remarkable brand and technology for small and medium-size enterprise businesses click here to learn more about the group

Mentorship and training

  • Akim also mentors and teaches tech such as:
    • Linux
    • Cloud Computing
    • Programming language( how to code and scripting) 

Check out Akim’s LinkedIn’s profile Linkedin