Choosing the best hypervisor software for your virtualization

Virtualization is the construction of a virtual machine rather than a physical device. The process of running more than one server or desktop on a physical system that takes the features of hardware platform such as storage, network, and memory and makes the resources available to virtual machines through hypervisor software. Likewise using the existing virtualization, you can quickly shift into a private cloud.

It is critical to choose the best hypervisor software when setting up virtualization. I often heard people asking what the best hypervisor software is? There is significant hypervisor software out there that are available either proprietary software or as open source. If you are looking into virtualizing your existing infrastructure or set up a new environment; you have to select the software that is within your budget and can deliver the best result.

If you are more concern about enterprise software that works well within your budget, proprietary software will be the best solution to adopt. On the other hand, if you were looking into something for labs or development environment I would recommend an open source hypervisor because there is no cost to set up one.

There are many hypervisors software available, but these are the lists of the most widely used software by small to large companies.

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I have picked some of the top enterprise hypervisors software:

Some of the top open-source (free software) for testing or development environment:

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