IT Consulting Service

AkolagTech understands the challenges that the business faces, and we adapt to these difficulties by offering enterprise IT solutions at a competitive advantage. Keeping up with the latest technology and automation while hiring and training the best IT staff can be problematic and expensive, so we streamline our clients’ technology workloads to allow them to focus on efficiencies.

How can we help?

  • Hiring people takes an enormous amount of time, and for many firms, it is a real struggle to find enough time to do it thoroughly.
  • We provide the resources to handle your workloads, either small or big project.
  • AkolagTech can manage our clients’ projects.  
  • We select the best candidate with specific skills that match your requirement.
  • We also screen, interview candidates before placing them. This will ensure your company always gets the right, qualified applicant.
  • We have expertise in different areas such as the following:
    • Managed Hosting Solution
    • Business Continuity Solution
    • Cloud Solution
    • Data and systems management
    • DevOps (Development and operation)
    • Hardware and software procurements 
    • Tech support and more