Disruption of cloud computing – AWS


Reminiscent of a yearly event, technology professionals flooded the hosting city Las Vegas, Nevada, USA this past November for the AWS (Amazon web services) Re: Invent 2017 Conference on cloud computing. Nearly ten years ago, the interest in cloud computing with Amazon Web Service (AWS) was at a minimal. In 2017 the attendance of IT professionals across all industries doubled. In previous years, skepticism loomed over the industry questioning security and access to control. However, we are now witnessing a mega shift. The industry growth and upward mobility of AWS becoming a significant player in the cloud computing arena is quite surprising. It holds the top position around the world as a leading provider in cloud computing services. And dominates 50% of the market segment among its competitors.

The popular services from AWS are EC2 (Elastic cloud computing) and S3 (Simple storage service) offering server, database, storage, memory, and network storage services. The distinct advantages that AWS offers are flexibility and low costs. A customer can scale up and down based on the demand. Most people witness the technology disruption from the beginning, and sometimes I ask the question does Amazon web services technology disruption came out of surprise? The transformation was a way for Amazon to scale, automate and save money on its IT infrastructure, but the turn around was significant and quickly make a significant impact in the tech industries.
Besides, a big tech giant like VMware who was the leader in virtual machine innovation missed out the first innovation of cloud computing, because they are more focus on enterprise datacenter simplification. Even Google and Microsoft are late adoptions in the modernization of cloud computing. The purpose of this article is to recollect how cloud computing changed the technology industry and what could be the next big thing and who will be the leader.

The fact is that technology keeps changing and most of us are trying to keep up with new technology. The tech innovation is emerging, and one that captures most people attention is AI (artificially intelligent).


AI is everywhere; the most familiar ones are the Apple Siri, Google assistance or Amazon Alexa. According to Amazon “Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the field of computer science dedicated to solving cognitive problems commonly associated with human intelligence, such as learning, problem-solving, and pattern recognition.”

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