The free web hosting is promotion up to 3 months. This is subject to terms and conditions below:

  1. Subscriber must sign up for the service either online or offline
  2. Limited promotion is up to 3 months
  3. Promotion can be extended on approval basis
  4. Promotion is limited to one subscriber and cannot be carried over to another member
  5. AkolagTech has right to revoke the promotion at any time
  6. Features of the services are limited to the promotion display online or another form of content delivery
  7. Subscriber adhere to use of services either for business or personal related and can not be used for illegal activities
Notes on Hosting Operating system Multiple language Database CPANEL Access Support and management
  Linux PHP, Javascript, java, asp, ruby, phyton and more MySQL, Postgress
Hosting management platform Best tech support from experienced staffs
Monitoring and backup
Antivirus and spam protection