Securing your account is a must for everyone that uses password-protected login. The security protection approaches to defend your sensitive data as the cyber threat is becoming outrageous and sophisticated. However, it is essential to understand how to choose a secure password.

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Be aware of the following password mistakes:

  • Selecting a password that contains a single word and can be discovered in a dictionary
  • Adopting a simple password such as names of your(pet, family, loved ones, city, memories), date of birth and more
  • Using a combination of letters and numbers. It should not be easy to guess
  • Using the same password everywhere. Don’t we all love  to use the same password all the time, but this is dangerous because if someone knows your password, it will be easier to gain access to all your other accounts
  • In addition, sharing your personal password with someone
  • Storing your password in clear text on your phone, computer or paper

How can you make your password secure without too much hassle?

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  • A good password is a random combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters, such as @ ^ = $ * +, etc. 
  • We recommend that you choose a password that consists of 8 or more characters (the longer, the better) 
  • Think of something that you can remember like events, names, etc, but make it complicated to guess quickly, example
    event (summer 2002)
  • Rather than creating a simple password similar to summer2002 or Summer2002 as most people would do, you can make it more complex.
    Use upper case letter “S”, change u to & or @, then mm to 33, you can add 2 then ** to replace the 00 and change the last 2 to “T”
  • After changing this, it would look something similar to “S@33er2**2”, and you can notice this is more complex and difficult to guess than summer2002, this is just an example but you can make it more complex than this
  • Keep your password secure, remember them and do not write them down on your phone or paper for someone else to see
  • Change your frequent used account’s password periodically, example every three months
  • The idea is to have a password that is difficult for someone to guess

Bonus point: You can add another layer of security protection to your account by adopting MFA(multi-factor authentication). MFA is also known as two-factor authentication or 2FA, it is a security enhancement that enables you to offer two kinds of evidence – your credentials – when logging in to an account, this can be your phone device, fingerprint, token codes, pin number. Click here to read more about MFA


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