Move your WordPress, blog, e-commerce, CRM, and other websites to us for free.

We can help you move your WordPress website from any hosting platform to our platform free with our migration tool. Enjoy all the benefits of an excellent hosting platform.

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Why do you need to move your site to us?

  • Make your website’s hosting portable with the cPanel platform
  • Avoid getting stuck in a hosting contract
  • Avoid downtime and sophisticated hosting platform
  • Need dedicated Tech support staffs that understand hosting platform with more than ten years of experience
  • I need someone that understands my needs

What are the benefits of moving your website to us?

How to start the migration process

  • Sign up for our hosting plan
  • Submit a ticket to our tech support and provide detailed information about the website and existing current hosting provider; we may ask you to provide more details to speed the migration process 

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