Sharingpit.com | Best Online Files Sharing SAAS Platform for SME/SMB

If you are looking for an online file-sharing SAAS platform, then Sharingpit.com is the best online SAAS website to share large files worldwide with 100% protection. 

You can send files with password protection using an active link timer. You will be able to set a duration on when the file can be downloaded using the unique URL, and the files will then be automatically deleted. In addition, there is a user dashboard available to manage their profiles. Sharingpit.com gives its users the ability to store and transfer files from their PCs and Smartphones to anyone they want.

Website URL: https://Sharingpit.com/



Sharingpit.com Features:

  1. Two Options to transfer files to anyone
  2. Users can transfer large files quickly.
  3. PayPal and Stripe payments gateway are available for purchasing subscriptions.
  4. Files can be downloaded with the expiry time.
  5. Auto delete for expired files.
  6. Users can protect files by password.
  7. Unique URL for download.
  8. Email verification features are available at the time of user registration. 
  9. The dashboard is available for users.
  10. Managed your account and profile.
  11. Captcha is available at the time of login and registration. 


Business Model:

Sharingpit.com generates revenue through subscriptions. Free users will get only 20 MB of free space to store and transfer files. This does not fulfill the needs of all users, and thus we have 4 subscription plans so users can easily upgrade to a specific plan as per their needs.


Website plan details:

Starter: $16 gives 10 GB storage

Premium: $28 gives 20 GB storage

Business: $46 gives 60 GB storage

Business plus: $89 gives 120 GB storage