Network, systems, and data are very critical components of business operations that have manifested as the top priority for our clients. The objective of systems and Data Management is to have trust and confidence in both systems and data assets. Business continuity is a crucial aspect of the functionality.

We deliver network solution with firewall and security setup, cybersecurity, endpoint, data protection. We provide proactive monitoring, access, systems, and network protection. VPN, LDAP, LAN, WAN design, and setup and Active directory setup.

We deliver the following networks solutions:

  • Firewall and Security
    • Cisco ASA
    • Checkpoint
    • Sonicwall
    • Network Protection
  • LAN design and setup (10-100+ Servers and Desktops)
  • User access and control management
    • VPN, LDAP, active directory setup
  • Monitor, Support, and Alert notification services
  • Network scanning and Intrusion detection
  • WAN Services
  • Security surveillance camera IP based (CCTV)
  • Remote Monitoring

Our systems and business continuity plan approach:

  • Simplify legacy systems with innovation
  • Streamline and automate IT infrastructure
  • Data backup and recovery including disaster recovery for business continuity 
  • Leverage cloud infrastructure for high availability
  • System monitoring and protection
  • Endpoint protection
  • Data protection

When it comes to our client’s network AkolagTech designs and develops the best systems and network solution, build a customized platform that allows systems and users to work and communicate in a protective network environment.

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Best practices for IT security

Data protection and management

Data Management

Security Protection – Sophos

Dangerous ransomware awareness and immediate protections, Sophos

Network, Systems, Security and Business Continuity Solutions

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