The AKT network team implements superior network designs, supports, and management for our clients. Our network services are listed below:

Network Design Solutions

All network solutions using Cisco gear comes with a discounted rate based on our value-added reseller (VAR) affiliation.

LAN Services include

  • Ethernet drops & patch cable management
  • Private & isolated VLAN solutions
  • Optimal loop-free switch design
  • Aggregate switch port configurations for high rate bandwidth utilization apps and end-user traffic
  • WAN Services include
    • MPLS
    • Metro-E
    • P2P services

All WAN service is provisioned w/3rd party Service Providers

WiFi Services include

  • WiFi Survey to ensure an optimized coverage solution
  • Cisco Wifi solutions
  • Arub Wifi Solutions
  • Peripheral WiFI configuration


  • Site to site solutions for increasing accessibility to networked company resources
  • Remote access to company resources for authorized end users



  • Software-based security solutions
    • Consultation for Cyber Security solutions
  • Hardware-based firewall solutions Implemented with the following appliances
    • Cisco ASA
    • Checkpoint
    • Sonicwall
  • Endpoint Protection and Firewall protection
  • Security camera installation and setup (CCTV)
    • Security surveillance camera IP based
    • Managed security surveillance 
    • Configured, setup DVR (digital video recorder)
    • User-friendly, playback and backup for the cameras
    • Provided training and support

Monitor, Support, and Alert notification services

  • A variety of remote monitoring solutions customizable to meet customer needs
  • Onsite and remote support options available to ensure minimal loss of network redundancy
  • Full service IT support for end user and office equipment service disruptions
  • Alert notification to include Service Provider outages impacting WAN services and loss of connectivity to critical networked resources.

How secure is my important data?

Security Protection – Sophos

Dangerous ransomware awareness and immediate protections, Sophos

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