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Cloud computing today is divided into three categories. These classes are Infrastructure-as-a-Service or IaaS, Platform-as-a-Service or PaaS, and Software-as-a-Service or SaaS. Let us look at them in details to understand what they represent. Click Cloud – IAAS, PAAS, and SAAS for more information

Are you still thinking or planning to implement cloud computing into your IT operation?

The current aspects of business stability, agility, and high productivity change the way many small and mid-sized companies operate their business, and this includes large companies too. Most companies unusually small and medium-sized enterprises want to do more for less and urgency to simplify problematical business processes at a modest price.
Cloud computing solution help business stay nimble and highly competitive. Nowadays it’s getting harder for a company to remain competitive without adopting a cloud solution. It is never too late to get in the cloud either by building your cloud or using a third party cloud infrastructure (public cloud). Getting into Cloud.

You can have your own private cloud Building your own private cloud or hybrid(both private and public cloud). Read the The truth about Virtualization and cloud computing before moving into the cloud. Cloud computing keeps changing the IT industries rapidly

In addition learn who is distrupting the cloud industry Distruption of cloud computing

Virtualization and cloud computing is the process of facilitating data center infrastructure into scalable infrastructure. Our staff hand holds the operation of transitioning your IT infrastructure into a virtualized and cloud environment. By simplifying your infrastructure, we make it easy to scale.  

Our virtualization and cloud computing approach:
  • Virtualized System Hardware Infrastructure (Desktop and Server)
  • We leverage cloud infrastructure for high availability and improve business continuity.
  • We offer highly scalable IT solutions that grow as your business expand.
  • You can start with entry-level solutions and transition seamlessly to more advanced solutions based on business growth and budget.
  • We provide solutions that make private and public cloud deployment effortless and portable across on-premise and cloud providers.
  • We work with our clients to integrate both private and public clouds and deliver a single management console for their cloud environments.

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Distruption of cloud computing

Cloud Computing Hosting Solution info

Cloud computing keeps changing the IT industries rapidly

The truth about Virtualization and cloud computing

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