FAQ – AkolagTech Affiliate Marketing Program

1. What is AkolagTech affiliate program work?

AkolagTech affiliate hosting program allows you to earn extra income when you promote our hosting plan and services to your clients, friends and other people to sign up for the paid plan.

Such as:

Our affiliate marketing is simple; you help to promote our hosting plan (web, email, cloud server) and earn commission on each sale
you also have the resource to help you market the program.

The best part: you will get a bonus of 1k naira if you sign up now and besides, you will earn up to 25% commission after each sale that you refer to us, is like commission based sales but its based on affiliate marketing.

Click here for more information about our affiliate marketing program

2. How does AkolagTech’s affiliate program work?

Please click here understand how the affiliate program works?

3. How do I sign up for the affiliate program and activate my account?

Note: You have to activate your affiliate program after you registered before you can start earning commissions.

To sign up for the affiliate program, please click here or 

  • We make it easy to sign up online and activate your partnership program.
    1. https://akolagtech.com/be-partner
      1. Or from akolagtech.com/store menu → Affiliates → Register Affiliate.
    2. Follow the steps to register
    3. Once you registered, you should receive an email to verify your email, click on the link in your email to confirm.
      1. Activate your affiliate account to start earning commissions, and this is the only way you can earn commission after you have registered.
      2. If you have already signed up, log into your account and click on Affiliate Menu drop down → Activate Affiliate
  • To log in into your Affiliate or reseller client portal.
    1. https://akolagtech.com/aktcs/affiliates.php
    2. Or from akolagtech.com/store menu → Affiliates → Login Affiliate.

4. Who can benefits from the affiliate program?

Anyone can join and earn money:

  • Bloggers
  • Social media fans, social media user with lots of followers or friends
  • Web developers
  • Digital marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Students
  • IT professionals and others
  • If you love digital, social media, blogging, tweeting on twitters, Instagram posting and more.
  • You can use your social media platform, a website to promote your affiliate program and once people signed up and paid you to get rewarded

5. What are the affiliate marketing products?

These are AkolagTech’s products and services that an affiliate can offer to their clients, friends, and others:

6. What does AkolagTech do?

AkolagTech (AKT) is a premier solution in providing enterprise managed service and IT support in New Jersey, New York, Lagos. We provide managed hosting solution, business continuity, cloud solution, tech support for small and medium-sized businesses in the USA and Africa.

7. Why is AkolagTech doing the affiliate program?

We believe in entrepreneurship. Why not leverage your skills, influence, marketing, connection, and hard work to put additional income in your pocket. We help the individual, entrepreneur minded people, anyone who like to earn extra income doing affiliate marketing, this is not for everyone but if you are already promoting something you believe in and like, you can use the same technique to make more money.
This is not a get rich quick scam; instead, we focus on helping our affiliate community become successful. We do all the designs, technology development, and setup, marketing materials for you.

8. How do I get paid or How will I receive my own money?

  • If you register now we will reward you ₦1,000 bonus and earn up to 25% commission after each sale, is like commission based sales but its based on affiliate marketing.
  • You will receive a deposit to the account you specify whenever you are ready to cash out. Our cash out limit is 5,550 naira.
  • You will be able to request a withdrawal as soon as your balance reaches the minimum required amount of ₦5,550.
  • As a first-time affiliate, you only need to make extra 4,500 nairas to cash out since you already have 1,000 naira bonus.

9. How to access the Affiliate portal?

10. How do I get my unique URL or id to track my sale?

  • Login to Affiliate or reseller client portal
    1. https://akolagtech.com/aktcs/affiliates.php
    2. Or from akolagtech.com/store menu → Affiliates → Login Affiliate
  • Your unique affiliate referral link is listed below the page when you log in to your affiliate account

banner link’s code as shown below that can be placed on the affiliate’s website: Click here to view or download the banner


11. How do I track my clicks, conversion, referrals or sales?

  • It is an automated process, and you do not have to do anything. We make it easy to track your sales and referrals by using your unique URL or id mentioned above to monitor every click. When someone used your unique URL or id to purchase online and paid for a plan, you get a commission it is that simple.
    Follow the same step above:
    • Login to Affiliate or reseller client portal as mention above “How do I get my unique URL or id to track my sale?”
    • The first thing you will see is your “Affiliates. These statistics are in real time and update instantly”, it tracks all the web clicks, referrals, and sales.

12. How do I market or promote the affiliate program I need help? 

  • We understand the challenges to promote, and we want you to be successful.
  • We are available all the time and make sure your affiliate program is successful so you can earn a significant income.
  • Likewise, we have some affiliate marketers already making money through the program.
  • We support and help our affiliate community become successful


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