AkolagTech Solutions and Products – SAAS

Our Solutions

  1. Cloud Hosting Solution
  2. Software As A Service Solution
  3. App/Web Development Solution
  4. ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning Software Solution)

Our Products

  1. Web and email hosting
  2. AKTBMT (AKT – Business management tools)
    1. Billcrop.com – Online business management solutions
    2. Sharingpit.com – Online file sharing – sharing more than 20MB file
    3. Clickinsite.com – Campaign conversation rate, social notification tool
    4. Nearestly.com – Online business local listing
  3. AKTFLMS (AKT – Freelance platform, online learning management system)
    1. Skillermatic.com – Online learning management system
    2. A2lance.com – freelance website for Africa

Our Free Tools

  1. Everyday free tools – This web tools script provides free internet tools for daily online activities.

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