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AkolagTech website builder

AkolagTech website builder free with hosting package

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AkolagTech Web builder features

Tutorials on how to create a professional website in less than 10min using our site builder tool

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How to access your site builder from the client portal or control panel

Why choose us as your hosting partner?

  • Single sign-on client’s portal to manage all your products and services
  • Peace of mind with security and expertise
  • Let the experts handle the complex problems
  • Scalability
  • Expand your workloads as your business grows
    • Security protection:
      • Website protection (virus and spam)
      • Infrastructure protection
      • Application
    • Cpanel customization
  • Customized solutions cater to your need
  • Automated provisioning, configuration, deployment
  • Protective advance monitoring capability, automated checks, and fix.
  • Reduce your IT costs and save time
  • Adoption of the latest technology
  • Worry free of monitoring, system maintenance, upgrades, OS patching, and troubleshooting
  • High availability and uptime
  • Increase productivity and fast response to customers
  • Access to dedicated IT staffs

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How to improve your website speed in less than ten mins

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