1. What does your company do?

We provide enterprise IT solutions for small and midsized businesses that are looking for high-quality services to streamline and automate their workloads at competitive rates. We deliver customized IT solutions, and we specialized in the following:

IT Consulting 

IT automation

Virtualization and cloud computing

Systems and Data Management

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2. How many tech support staff members do you have?

It varies, we have more than five great tech staffs. We have crews available base on projects requirements, full-time and temporary teams.

3. Do you have experience within our industry?

We have skills in many industries like the media, finance, retailers, health, education, and more.

We work with our clients to provide customized IT solutions based on their industries and their business processes.

4. What locations do you cover?

We cover  USA location (NJ, NY, PA, and CT), Africa (Lagos, Abuja and others cities in Nigeria) both onsite and remote support.

Also, we provide remote services for companies that are long distance and do not require onsite supports.

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5. What is your hourly or service rate?

Our hourly rate ranges from $50 and above depending on the project.

We also provide a monthly flat rate for management services at a discount rate.

6. How many of your staff member have certifications?

Most of our tech teams have more than ten years of experience combined working with enterprise IT services.

We have competencies in Windows, Linux, UNIX, virtualization and cloud computing, open source software, IT automation, applications and more.

Also, our staff has skills in training and certifications: Please check out our IT Services Competencies

7. What are some of the cutting edge technology your company is leveraging?
We use the cutting edge technology to help our client simplify and automate IT process. We partner with great tech companies, and adopt open source technology to provide betters solution, prevents vendors’ locking contracts and reduces IT service costs.

8. What hosting solution do you provide?
We provide managed hosting solution for companies, and We provide hosting for computing resources, applications, Email, DNS and more
Please check out our hosting solution for more information

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9. Do you charge for quotes and consultation?

We offer up to 30 minutes free consultation, which also includes free quotations.

10. How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 2007

11. Do you have any special promotion offers?

Yes we do offer limited promotion offers for new clients, Also please check out our promotion offers

12. What is it your contact information?

Email: contact[@]akolagtech.con | info[@]akolagtech.com | support[@]akolagtech.com

Phone: 732-659-0317

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