Technologies and business processes are becoming more sophisticated and interlinked, and businesses are often faced with security challenges and preemptive ways of protecting sensitive data and IT structures. Cyber attacks and other hacking approaches are increasing as technological innovation becomes sophisticated. Businesses need to be proactive when protecting critical data and implementing best practices. For more information about protecting your valuable data, click here or Why is Cyber Security Important?

What is Ransomware: Ransomware is malicious software designed to extort money by holding valuable files or computers for ransom until the payment has been paid. The files will be encrypted with a key until the ransom has been paid. An example is “WannaCry” ransomware. Click here for more information: What is WannaCry ransomware, how does it infect, and who was responsible?

Our solutions for solving security challenges and data protection:

A. Cybersecurity 

    • firewall 1
    • What is a firewall? It is not a real wall, and it is more like a filter for your network traffics, it scans your system or computer’s activities and blocks any unauthorized event or access to your computer. In other terms, it blocks any suspicious communication to your system. 
    • We deliver following firewall solutions
    • Firewall and Security
      • Cisco ASA
      • Checkpoint
      • Sonicwall
      • Network Protection
    • Please contact us for your network and firewall setup 
  • 6. Network CCTV protection
    • Security surveillance camera IP based (CCTV)
    • LAN, WAN setup

B. Backup and recovery

backup restore1 min

Backup and recovery plans preserve our useful information and assure us that we can recover from the loss of data. Retrieve your business’s critical systems, data, applications and more in the event of a cyber attack, ransomware, virus, and other malware. Ability to resume business operation very quickly and protect your customers’ data. We help your company avoid service disruption, loss of data, downtime, and loss of revenue. Click here for more information about our business continuity solution

How do you start protecting your data, computer, accounts and more?

Note: For more information about protecting your essential data click here or How secure is my critical data?

1. Get a copy of virus/malware and internet protection, protect your PC/MAC, server and other devices

2. Always use a strong password with a combination of letters, symbol, and alphanumeric

3. Opt-in for MFA/2FA as discuss above

4. Start backing up your files and computer, including your website

5. Security awareness training, knowledge is the best defensive method against cyber attack

6. Never share your sensitive information to just anyone, ask questions and consult with an expert about cybersecurity, AkolagTech tech support team are here to help you with any cybersecurity question

Our Backup And Recovery Solutions

Security – Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA) and reCAPTCHA

Please click here for more information about Website security protection (SPAM, SSL, Website security & malware protection)

Security And Business Continuity Assessments

Security Protection – Sophos

Business Continuity Solution For My Business

Business Continuity Solution for SME/SMB

Network, Systems, Security and Business Continuity Solutions

Best practices for IT security

Network, Systems, Security and Business Continuity Solution